Hello! We are the Clifton Christian Union at Nottingham Trent University. Welcome to our website! Here you can find out about upcoming events, important new updates and other information about us such as who we are, what we do and also who your commitee members are. 

Some key facts to remember are that we:

  • Meet on Mondays from 18:30-21:00 at The Pavilion
  • Usually run an event of some kind on a Friday. You can find out more by:
    • Checking our events page
    • Asking a commitee member
    • Checking our Social Media (links at the bottom of the page)
  • It is worth noting that during freshers/events week, there will be more events on our events page. Please check the time date and location.

This website is maintained by our committee members. If you do spot a mistake on here please feel free to contact us.